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Summer Camps & Groups

Summer Camps & Groups

We are excited to have your youth dine with us this summer! During the registration process for your camp/group, you should have had the opportunity to declare any dietary restrictions for your youth. These have been noted, and the respective camp/group will help ensure that your child is on our list. There are a variety of plans in place so that all participants can access the nutrition they need during their stay this summer.

Please read through the following information carefully to ensure that you get all the details you need. If you have additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us or your youth’s group administration.


  • Learn more about how we identify allergens and other dietary restrictions for our menus on our Nutrition and Allergen Information Page.

  • Menus for all our dining locations, including those where summer camps/groups dine, are available on the BYU mobile app. For instructions on how to download and use the app, click here.

    With the BYU Dining Locations app, you can see all the allergens, nutrition information, and the full ingredient list for each menu item by clicking on the one you wish to view. You are also able to “filter out” menu items by which allergen or ingredient they contain, by using the filter options at the top right of the screen. You may review the ingredient lists of each item for more detailed information about what is in each dish by clicking on any menu item.


We are proud to provide nutritious meals for youth who attend summer camps and FSY groups on campus. Depending on your youth’s specific camp or group schedule, not all your youth’s meals may be provided through Dining Services, and some groups’ schedules are subject to change. We want to provide you with the most information possible so you can make informed decisions, but please contact your youth’s camp or group coordinator for more specific information regarding dining locations and which meals will be catered by outside restaurants.

  • Heritage Dining will serve breakfast and dinner meals for FSY groups. If you would like to check out the FSY menu, click here.

    • With the volume of youth fed at each meal, meals will be split between the Heritage cafeteria and an outdoor tent. The menus will be the same in both locations, and youth with dietary needs will be accommodated at both locations.
    • You can view the full Heritage menu on the BYU Mobile App.
    • A separate dietary service line will be available both at the Heritage cafeteria and tent. Ingredient information and allergens icons will be available at this station, as will the main food lines. This dietary line is always attended by a staff member to ensure safe food service is provided and prevent cross contact. Please encourage your youth to ask questions should they have any.
    • There will also be a dietary fridge stocked with dairy free milks (almond milk, soy milk, oat milk, etc), gluten-free breads and cereals, dairy-free yogurts, and other prepackaged, grab-no-go type items that can be added to their meals.
    • The cafeteria can accommodate most dietary needs with the options on the dietary line. Please tell your youth to ask an FSY health counselor or cafeteria staff member if they have questions or need assistance with meal options. They will be happy to help!
    • For more severe dietary restrictions or severe allergies that are not met in the general or dietary needs food lines, other options may be arranged. 
  • Dinner on Monday night and lunches throughout the week are provided by BYU Catering for some summer groups, including FSY. If you would like to check out the FSY menu, click here.

    • Catering menus for dinner (Monday) and lunch (Tuesday-Friday) can also be found on the BYU Dining App.
    • If the main menu items do not meet your child’s special dietary needs, an additional dietary service line is provided. This line accommodates Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Dairy Free, Lactose Free, Nut Free, Soy Free, Shellfish Free, Egg Free, and Vegan, Vegetarian, and other dietary needs.
    • This dietary service line is always attended by a staff member to ensure proper food choices are provided and prevent cross contact. Please encourage your youth to ask questions should they have any.
    • For more severe dietary restrictions or severe allergies that are not met in the general or dietary needs food lines, other options may be arranged. 
  • The Cannon Commons is our main all-you-care-to-eat student dining hall and typically serves meals to Sports Camps and other summer camps. The menu for the Cannon Commons can be found here on our website and on the BYU Dining Locations app. Please note that many entrees can be modified to meet dietary needs, such as gluten or dairy free, and often a dietary replacement option is available that may not be listed on the menu. Please encourage your youth to ask staff if they would like an entrée to be modified. The menu at the Cannon Commons is rotating, so please check the menu for specific week your youth will be there by changing the dates when viewing the menu on the website or app.

    The Commons dining hall is well equipped to manage a variety of dietary needs. All menu items are posted on signs with their associated allergens at each station. Additional things to note about dietary options at the Cannon Center:

    • Our full-time chefs and cooks wear dark grey chef coats so they can be easily identified! Look for one of them if you have any questions or concerns, and they will be happy to help you.
    • Breakfast:
      • Certified Gluten Free oatmeal is available every day.
      • Scrambled eggs can be made with or without cheese upon request.
      • A separately maintained gluten free waffle iron and toaster are available behind the counter at the Granary station. If your youth would like a gluten free waffle or to toast gluten free bread, please have them ask the attendant at that station and they will be glad to assist.
      • Gluten free breads, dairy free milks, and other dietary foods are available in the dietary fridge, found at the granary station. Prepackaged muffins, bagels, and other grain items are available at the Granary throughout the day as well.
    • Lunch and Dinner:
      • Made-to-order gluten free pasta and gluten/dairy free marinara sauce available upon request on days when pasta dishes are served. Rice dishes can be modified to include or exclude any foods your youth wishes to avoid.
      • Vegetables can also be selected from the salad bar and brought over to Expo station to be sauteed by a staff member in a separate pan upon request.
      • Gluten free buns, veggie burgers, and grilled chicken breasts are available upon request at the Grill station.
      • The Granary station has a sandwich bar which can be used to make any sandwich of your choice. Gluten free bread is available in the dietary fridge. There is also a shelf dedicated to gluten free desserts, as well as prepacked muffins and bagels.

    Most participants can meet their needs with these options, but in the case of extreme dietary needs or severe allergies, other options may be arranged. Please contact us or your camp coordinator for more information.


We want to make sure everyone is well fed and has a positive dining experience during their stay at BYU. Our staff and chefs are trained to safely handle allergies and other dietary concerns, and our full-time dietitian is available to provide guidance and address individual concerns. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your youth’s dietary needs during their stay, please contact your camp/group coordinator for more information.