BYU Meal Plans makes it easier for students to save time and money so they can focus on the things that really matter

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*Available Fall and Winter only.

Dining Plus

With the biggest discount the Cannon Commons has to offer, Dining Plus is designed to help you get the most out of BYU dining both at the Commons and on campus.

Open Door 7*

Never go hungry with Open Door 7. This plan is here to give you unlimited access to the Cannon Commons all-you-care-to-eat dining hall.

Basic Plan*

With the Basic plan you are able to eat at the Cannon Commons 12 times a week, which is almost 2 times a day.


For 19+ housing students, this plan has been designed to fit your wallet better so you can spend where and when you desire.

Dining Dollars Blue*

Use your funds where you want and when you what. This plan provides the most flexibility to Helaman students.

Dining Dollars

Have you ever had to stay on campus to study or to wait for your next class? Dining Dollars is here to help you deliciously spend that time, providing you flexibility in food when and where you need it.

EZ Dining

Nothing is easier than only paying for the months you want a plan. We threw in a treat too, at certain times you can get 5% off at the Cougareat!

Cannon Block of Meals

Think of this plan as buying meals in bulk at the Cannon Commons. Wholesale-like prices at the Commons? Yes please.

Eating Essentials

Eating Essentials does the weekly budget for you and helps you save money on groceries at any BYU Creamery. Now, you have more time to spend on homework and to spend with friends.

Availability $9.52 $6.37 $11.90 Breakfast Lunch Dinner Sunday Breakfast Sunday Dinner All Students Helaman Halls Residents Only Available Fall/Winter Discount A $2.15 $4.25 $6.40 $4.25 $8.50 Discount B $5.40 $6.70 $9.30 $5.40 $9.30 Discount C $6.37 $8.29 Discounts Allotment Descriptions Normal Price $7.49 $9.75 $11.20 $7.49 $14.00 Dining Dollars per Semester Cost per Semester