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Catering Policies
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To ensure our availability, please plan your events as early as possible as we book events on a first-come, first-serve basis. We recommend finalizing your menu selection 2 weeks in advance. An estimated guest count is needed at this time. Events scheduled with less than the requested lead time may be subject to a limited menu and service availability. Please let our consultants know of any program, important guests, or special needs during your event, to assure the best possible execution of your event.


BYU Catering will not accept your event until a room reservation has been made.

  • On-campus reservations are generally made through BYU Campus Scheduling at 801-422-3134.
  • BYU Catering does not supply or set up tables and chairs, as this is also done through Campus Scheduling.
  • Reservations and set-up needs for the Skyroom are made through our office at 801-422-9977.
  • For events in the Skyroom Restaurant we require a minimum food purchase of $10.50 per person for Receptions and $17.50 per person for Breakfasts, Lunches and Dinners. The Skyroom seating capacity is 144 guests. Casual dining (any meal served with paper or plastic plates and utensils) is not available in the Skyroom.
  • Audio or visual needs (projectors, screens, etc.) can be taken care of through the Audio/Visual Productions Office at 801-422-4071.
  • For events at Spring Haven and Timpanogos Lodge, you are responsible for all table and chair setup.
  • BYU Catering suggests reserving a backup location on campus for events at Spring Haven or Timpanogos Lodge during the months of November – March.
  • Catering reserves the right to refuse service when we deem conditions too hazardous to travel to these locations.
  • Additional fees apply to university events held at approved off-campus locations. A transportation fee and potential labor fees will be assessed for each event.

Confirmation of Events, Goods, and Services

  • BYU Catering will provide an order confirmation shortly after you place your order. This confirmation lists the date and time of your event, the guest count, the service type to be provided, and all goods and services ordered. It is your responsibility to review this confirmation email to ensure that BYU Catering provides the goods and services you expect on the day and at the time you expect. You may confirm your order via email, fax, phone call, or mail. Failure to confirm the details of your event as noted in the confirmation email may result in a cancellation of your order. Confirmed orders will be assumed to be correct, for which payment will be due in full at the conclusion of the event. Please contact your sales associate with any questions or concerns.
  • You are required to provide a guaranteed count of attendance 5 business days prior to your event. Count changes that occur with less than 5 business days will result in additional charges, if these changes can be accommodated. The changes are charged as follows:
    • 5 Business Days Prior – no additional charges
    • 4 Business Days Prior – 10% plate price added per change.
    • 3 Business Days Prior – 20% plate price added per change.
    • 2 Business Days Prior – 30% plate price added per change.
    • 1 Business Day Prior – 40% plate price added per charge.
    • Day of Event – 50% plate price added per charge (we would not likely be able to accommodate count changes this day)
  • Also note that the charges may be more if there are additional costs to procure more product to accommodate increases in guest count. With increases in count that occur with less than 5 business days, there is no guarantee the additional guests will receive the same menu as the rest of the party.
  • BYU Catering only supplies enough food for the guaranteed number of guests given. BYU Catering does not provide a “buffer,” and you will be billed for the final guaranteed guest count or the number of guests served, whichever is greater.


Cancellations must be made 5 business days prior to your event. Cancellations after this deadline will result in a cancellation fee.


BYU Catering will confirm prices when you finalize your menu with our office. All prices quoted by our catering consultant in a written price quote will be honored. Events requiring extended service hours are subject to an additional cost.


  • Payment is due at the time of service. BYU Departments and LDS Wards & Stakes will be billed through the campus financial system.
  • Other groups may make arrangements prior to the event if billing is needed.
  • We accept payments made by cash, check or charge (Visa, American Express, Discover or MasterCard).


  • BYU does not require a gratuity, but gratuities are appreciated and strictly optional for all groups using our services. The industry standard is 18%. All gratuities are paid to our student employees.
  • Campus Departments and LDS Wards or Stakes being billed directly are not required to pay tax. Other groups with tax-exempt status must supply our office with a copy of their
    certificate and tax-exempt number when placing the order. All other groups are subject to pay Utah state sales tax on their order. Prices listed on menus do not include sales tax.
  • We reserve the right to assess additional charges to an event for services that exceed our normal expected costs. These costs may include items such as special centerpieces, extra linens, travel costs, etc.

Substitutions & Multiple Entrée Selections

  • Substitutions to the selected menu may be made for dietary or religious purposes. All substitution changes must be confirmed when the final guest count is due. Substitution changes exceeding 10% of the guaranteed guest count will require an additional charge.
  • For buffet service we ask that you limit your selection to only one menu, although additional sides or entrées may be added.
  • If multiple entrée selections are desired for a plated meal, a $2.00 per person charge will be assessed for two entrées, and a $3.00 per person charge will be assessed for three entrées. You are considered to have multiple entrée selections if the total number of guests receiving a different entrée is over 10% of your total guest count.
  • You are responsible for providing nametags or place cards that indicate entrée selections. Remember, only the guaranteed number of entrées will be prepared.
  • If you request to have any courses preset for a plated meal, you are required to order enough of those courses to fill all seats. This means you may need to adjust the number of seats at some tables, or you will need to order extra food.

Perishable Food Policy

Any food removed from the location of the event becomes the responsibility of the patron. BYU Catering is not responsible or liable for the quality or safety of items removed from the event. BYU Catering must approve all outside food and/or beverages brought into an event by the patron prior to the event. Charges incurred for the service of these products will be added to the billing. BYU Dining is the broker for all food and beverage served on campus.

Food Allergy Disclaimer

Brigham Young University Dining Services makes every attempt to identify ingredients that may cause allergic reactions for those with food allergies. Every effort is made to instruct our food production staff on the severity of food allergies. In addition, we label items with possible allergen-containing ingredients; however, there is always a risk of contamination. There is also a possibility that manufacturers of the commercial foods we use could change the formulation at any time, without notice. Customers concerned with food allergies need to be aware of this risk. Brigham Young University Dining Services will not assume any liability for adverse reactions to foods consumed, or items one may come in contact with while eating at any University establishments. Students with food allergies are encouraged to contact BYU Dining Services at 801-422-4935 for additional information and/or support.

Please contact the Dining Services director’s office at 801-422-4935 with any questions regarding these policies. Please contact the Catering office at 801-422-9977 with questions regarding this site.

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