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New Dining Feature on BYU App

We are thrilled to announce the new “Dining” feature on the BYU app! It combines “Dining Mobile Ordering” and “Dining Locations” into one accessible place. The update is now available on all platforms!

The highlights of this feature are summarized below:

Home Screen (Locations Tab)

From the home screen, you can view all Dining locations and whether each is currently open. Locations can be sorted by name, distance, or category.

Locations Page

Upon selecting the location, you will be given more information about the location. This includes links to mobile ordering, store hours, and nutrition info.

Cannon Commons Location

After selecting the Cannon Commons location, you will see a map of the Cannon Commons where you can select any station and quickly view the menu and allergy info. You will also be able to view the full Cannon Commons Menu in a separate tab.

You can use the allergen and dietary restriction filters to find the menu items that meet your needs. By clicking the menu items, you can view the nutrition information, ingredient list, and allergy statement.

Map Tab

You can see all locations on campus by selecting the map tab. This will show where you are on campus as well as all the BYU Dining locations relative to your location.

After selecting a location on the map, you will then be directed to the same information page about the location as before. If you need directions to any location, you can select the “Directions” button. This will open a route to the location on your phone’s maps app.

Promos Tab

Don’t miss out on the latest deals from BYU Dining Services! The Promos tab will be updated with new menu items, special events, and other announcements for the campus community. Click on the promo for more information about it.

Upon selecting one of the promos, you will be directed to an article about the promotion featured on BYU Dining’s website.

In review, the new components of the BYU Dining Feature include:

  • A tab displaying all BYU Dining Locations
  • Each location has links to mobile ordering, hours of operation, and nutrition information easily accessible
  • Locations can now be sorted by distance or category
  • Items that are being served by station at the Cannon Commons are shown
  • A tab displaying promotions and other featured content

For issues and requests regarding the Dining feature, please email