Dining Plus
Available to all students.
The Dining Plus Meal Plan provides you with a daily allocation of 12.40 Dining Dollars which you may use to purchase goods and services for yourself and for your guests at any of the dining locations** except for Concessions and Campus Floral. Any unused portion of the daily allotment will carry over day-to-day, month-to-month and year-to-year, as long as you live on campus and have a meal plan.

NOTE: This Meal Plan may only be canceled before its start date.

• Discounted rates at The Commons*
Breakfast $2.06 (normally $7.25)
Lunch $4.13 (normally $9.45)
Dinner $6.21 (normally $10.95)
Sunday Breakfast $4.13
Sunday Dinner $8.27 (normally $14.00)
* Entry rates are subject to change.

• May be used at most BYU Dining Services locations and BYU vending machines


How much does the Dining Plus plan cost?

Fall-Winter Semesters 2017-18

Fall Semester Only 2017

Winter Semester Only 2018

Spring Term 2018

Summer Term 2018

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