The EZ Dining meal plan provides a monthly allocation of Dining Dollars, which plan holders may use to purchase goods and services for themselves and for their guests at Dining Services locations, excluding Concessions and Campus Floral. Plan holders may choose a monthly allocation of 100, 150, or 200 Dining Dollars. Unused Dining Dollars carry over from month to month, with no maximum accrual limit, until the end of the agreement.

• 5% discount at the Cougareat after 2 pm Monday-Friday and all day Saturday.

• Discounted rates at The Commons* beginning August 2018
Breakfast $5.40 (normally $7.49)
Lunch $6.70 (normally $9.75)
Dinner $9.30 (normally $11.20)
Sunday Breakfast $5.40 (normally $7.49)
Sunday Dinner $9.30 (normally $14.00)
* Entry rates are subject to change.

• May be used at most BYU Dining Services locations and BYU vending machines