Dining Dollars
Available to all students, except for Helaman Halls residents.
With the Dining Dollars meal plan, plan holders receive a Dining Dollar allotment at the beginning of each semester (500) which can be used at Dining Services locations, excluding Concessions and Campus Floral. Additional blocks of 55 Dining Dollars may be purchased for $50 via My Dining Account.

NOTE: This Meal Plan may only be canceled before its start date.

• Discounted rates at The Commons*
Breakfast $5.25 (normally $7.25)
Lunch $6.50 (normally $9.45)
Dinner $9.90 (normally $10.95)
Sunday Breakfast $5.25
Sunday Dinner $9.90 (normally $14.00)
* Entry rates are subject to change.

• May be used at most BYU Dining Services locations and BYU vending machines


How much does the Dining Dollars plan cost?

Fall-Winter Semesters 2016-17
Fall Semester Only 2016
Winter Semester Only 2017

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