Jamba Juice
2047 WSC   &   102 SAB     Phone: (801) 422-3245

Company Roots

Founded on Kirk Perron's original vision of creating a healthy business that makes a meaningful difference in people's lives, Jamba Juice is very much an American entrepreneurial success story.

Necessity truly is the mother of invention. In 1990, company founder Perron, an avid cyclist, was looking for a healthy, refreshing and convenient snack to replenish his body and mind after his long rides. Nothing available resembled what he craved, so he took it upon himself to create what he desired. The result: freshly squeezed juices and blended-to-order smoothies – pure fruits and 100% fruit juices with no artificial preservatives or colors to take away from the wholesomeness of the food and its beneficial properties. Realizing there might be others with a similar craving, Perron set his sights on opening his own business, originally called The Juice Club, which filled a void in the community and became a place where people like himself could gather and feel good about what they ate. Sixteen years later, Perron's concept, now called Jamba Juice, has taken hold across the country.

Jamba's passion for health and its uncompromising dedication to quality are the keys to its customer satisfaction and company success. But the original vision would not be complete without community activism and support. Through its unique, familial company culture and individualized commitment to the local communities it serves, Jamba Juice empowers its team members to make a difference in their own communities through hosted events and donations of time, money and product. In the world of Jamba Juice, taking care of body, mind and soul is a way of celebrating life.

Jamba's Mission

At Jamba Juice, we aim to establish ourself as the world's leading source of healthy energy in the form of freshly blended beverages with an uncompromising commitment to making a difference through our values.