Nutrition & Health Information From BYU Dining Services

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What can you do to be active in your daily life? Adults need 30 minutes of moderate activity a day to prevent weight gain and health problems. Feeling blue? Moderate activity also reduces stress and prevents anxiety and depression. These are some great benefits. But maybe you don’t have the time to dedicate 30 minutes each day to exercise. You may be getting more exercise than you know! Activity can be part of daily living such as brisk walking, climbing stairs, even cleaning the house. So next time you’re trying to mop the floor or scrub the bathtub, bear in mind that you’re getting physical benefits too. Check out the list below to get some ideas of how to incorporate exercise into your daily schedule.

Take advantage of opportunities:

  • Get off the bus or park your car a few blocks away and take a brisk 10-minute walk or cycle to school
  • At work and school, use the stairs instead of the elevator and pop out for a walk at lunchtime
  • Do household chores with extra vigor to have an indoor workout as you clean

Ways to stay motivated:

  • Make a date to swim with a friend—and stick to it
  • Go out with a walking group and let the others set the pace
  • Book an exercise class in advance and put it in your planner as an important date

Bring the benefits home:

Finding different ways to stay active is not that difficult when you look for them,
especially if they offer rewards.
  • Clean out your closet
  • Decorate a room in your home that needs a lift
  • Vacuum, iron, clean and dust
  • Walk briskly
  • Play tennis, badminton or golf
  • Go shopping
  • Cook up a healthy, delicious meal