Nutrition & Health Information From BYU Dining Services

Eating Out

Restaurants foods are generally higher in fat, salt, and added sugars. It’s what makes their food taste good! If you rarely eat at a restaurant, then choosing the healthiest options isn’t as critical. If you find yourself eating out more than 1-2 times a week, then follow the tips below to make sure you get the nutrients your body needs without the extra calories.

Rethink your drink. Choosing water at restaurants will be easier on your wallet as well as satisfy your thirst with no calories or added sugars.

Side of Salad? Choosing a salad as a side will provide more nutrients and will help you feel satisfied faster and stay full longer. Ask for the dressing on the side to control how much is added to the salad.

Sharing is Caring. Buy one entrée to split with friends.

Portion Distortion. Portions at restaurants are often much larger than you need. Try ordering a side dish or appetizer-sized portion.

Take it To-Go. Stop eating when you are comfortable and satisfied, don’t worry about clearing your plate. You can always take the rest home for later.

Make Half Your Plate Fruits and Vegetables. Choose menu items with more vegetables on the side, or request a side dish of vegetables. Select fruit as a side dish or dessert.


Compare and Contrast. Look at the nutrient levels of various menu items and choose options lower in calories, saturated fat, sodium, added sugars.



Budget Friendly Meals


Food can be expensive, so here are a few key ideas that help you save $$$

Prepare in Advance. Plan your meals a week in advance. You know your schedule best, so you know where your time crunches will be. You won’t have to resort to buying something last minute if you plan your meals once a week and are prepared.

Buy in Bulk. Buying bulk items are often more cost-effective. If you have your meals planned out, you can easily see where to use some bulk items in multiple recipes.

Make Big Batches. You can prepare your meals during the weekend to divide up and store in the freezer and refrigerator for the next week. By putting in some time earlier, you save a lot of effort and headache later during your hectic week.

Use Your Leftovers. Get creative with your leftovers. Use leftover proteins in a stir fry or salad. Add new sides to a leftover entrée. When you throw away food you throw away money.


BYU executive Chef John periodically posts recipes in Mix! Magazine and demos his recipes at the Lavell Edwards Stadium Farmers Market. Try one of his 30-minute meals:


BYU Financial Center also collects budget friendly recipes. Click here to see videos of quick and budget-friendly recipes.

ChooseMyPlate created this two-week budget-friendly sample menu with easy recipes and shopping lists included (


The following are some recipes ChooseMyPlate highlights:


Apple Cinnamon Bars

Applesauce Cookies

Banana Walnut Oatmeal

Chocolate Chip Yogurt Cookies

Crunchy Chicken Salad

Easy Red Beans and Rice

Honey Lemon Chicken

Lentil Stew

Manly Muffin Meal Loaf

Marinated Beef

Mouth-Watering Oven-Fried Fish

One Pan Spaghetti


White Chili

Yogurt Pops




FitPick Options on Campus


The FitPick label found in all dining locations, including vending machines, help you identify healthier entrees and snacks around campus. FitPick foods meet the following criteria:

  • 10% or less of calories from saturated fat
  • 10% or less of calories from added sugar
  • < 230 mg sodium

Look for this label to identify FitPick foods


Some of your favorite foods won’t be FitPick approved, but you can alter them to increase nutrients, and limit saturated fat, added sugar and sodium. Making small changes at various Dining locations will create a healthier you!


Here are some tips for eating better and healthier on campus:


Blue Line Café:

  • Try the salad, and keep the dressings on the side. When you dip your bites in dressing rather than pouring the dressing on top, you need less and save calories!
  • Eat a half portion sandwich and grab a fruit or vegetable cup
  • Choose wheat bread, fruits, and natural peanut butter for your PB&J

Commons at the Cannon Center:

  • Watch your portions! Limit to one or two entrees. You can always go back if you are still hungry
  • Add a side of fruits or vegetables to any entrée
  • Opt for fruit as a dessert sometimes, which will increase your nutrient intake and decrease calories
  • Choose water instead of a sugar-sweetened beverage




  • Try a salad or wrap! Watch out for high-fat dressings. Some dressings that have 1 g or less saturated fat are light Italian, light balsamic, fat free honey mustard, and chili lime vinaigrette
  • What sauce you use matters! Sauces that contain 2 g or less saturated fat and less than 200 mg sodium: Chick-Fil-A sauce, honey mustard and barbecue
  • Opt for grilled chicken instead of the traditional fried chicken
  • Choose water instead of a sugar-sweetened beverage
  • Stop when you are full!

L&T Produce:

  • This restaurant is a great option for salads and wraps
  • Try vinaigrettes instead of cream dressings
  • Add lots of vegetables to your entree
  • Skip fried toppings like wontons and crispy onions
  • Choose water instead of a sugar-sweetened beverage

Papa John’s:

  • Eat pizza without the garlic butter side
  • Choose plain breadsticks
  • Choose water instead of a sugar-sweetened beverage
  • Cut your portion in half and add a vegetable or fruit cup from the Cougareat

Scoreboard Grill:

  • Did you know they serve breakfast? Try their omelette or scrambler with vegetables
  • Try a lettuce wrap
  • Replace the fries with a fruit or vegetable cup
  • Stop eating when you are full
  • Choose water instead of a sugar-sweetened beverage


  • Try a salad and choose oil-based dressings
  • Watch your sodium with those lunch meats! Sandwiches lower in sodium are classic tuna, oven roasted chicken, roast beef, rotisserie-style chicken, and Veggie Delite
  • Choose whole-wheat options
  • Top your sandwich with low-fat options, such as mustard, vinegar, and sweet onion
  • Choose water instead of a sugar-sweetened beverage

Taco Bell:

  • Try a Power Menu Bowl, Fiesta Taco Salad or Veggie Power Menu Burrito
  • Opt for whole beans instead of refried, choose grilled chicken, and look for menu items with more vegetable toppings
  • Eat a half portion and add a fruit or vegetable cup
  • Choose water instead of a sugar-sweetened beverage


  • Try a lettuce wrap
  • Select grilled options over fried
  • Choose child or smaller sizes of ice cream. This will satisfy your sweet tooth while not adding excessive calories

Jamba Juice:

  • Smoothies with fruits and vegetables can be healthy options, but watch out for added sugars
  • Stick with medium or small sizes, and have a smoothie with a snack or as a meal replacement instead of adding it to a regular meal

Legends Grille:

  • Watch your portions! Limit to one or two entrees. You can always go back if you are still hungry
  • Add a side of fruits or vegetables to any entrée
  • Opt for fruit as a dessert
  • Choose water instead of a sugar-sweetened beverage

MOA Café:

  • Try a salad, and keep your dressing on the side
  • Stop eating when you are full


  • Watch your portions! Limit to one or two entrees. You can always go back if you are still hungry
  • Add a side of fruits or vegetables to any entrée
  • Opt for fruit as a dessert
  • Choose water instead of a sugar-sweetened beverage

Buy Fresh, Buy Local


The local farmer’s market is a good way to access fresh fruits and vegetables. The 2017 LaVell Edwards Stadium Farmers Market is planned to run from 3 pm – 7 pm or dusk (whichever is earlier) in the south stadium parking lot every Thursday from August 3rd to October 26th. This is a convenient place to buy fresh and local produce!


All Fresh Utah Produce!

More than 50% of the booths are required to be local growers. Baked goods, arts, and crafts booths are available for BYU students, faculty and staff, and the surrounding community.


Our Recipes

BYU Dining Services’ Chef John has a demonstration both and shows attendees how to use the products they purchase. Recipes can be found in Mix! Magazine.


Download parking lot layout here:

LaVell Edwards Stadium Farmers Market Parking Lot Layout (PDF)


Download vendor information here:

LaVell Edwards Stadium Farmers Market General Information (PDF)


Download the vendor application and contract here:

LaVell Edwards Stadium Farmers Market Application & Contract (PDF)


Deliver the completed and signed application/contract to BYU Dining Services:

BYU Dining Services

180 USB, Brigham Young University Provo, UT 84602

Telephone: (801) 422-9444



For questions, call 801-422-9444.


Navigating the Dining Hall


All-you-care-to-eat facilities are full of healthy options, but we often make unhealthy choices because we are hungry, tired, or socializing. Here are some helpful hints to help you choose healthier options in the dining hall.


Plan Ahead. You will be tempted to eat too much when you are starving, stressed, or tired. Check out the menu ahead of time to plan out what you want to eat. You know there’s an app for that?


Use your Tech. If you download the BYU app, there is a feature that will let you look at the nutritional information for the food served at the Cannon Center. Check it out!


Watch Your Portions! Resist the urge to eat everything that looks good on the menu. Choose your favorite options, and take small portions. You can always go back for more if you are still hungry.


Add Color to Your Plate. Make half your plate fruits and veggies. Eat the foods you love, but add fruits and vegetables to your plate to provide the nutrients you need. Adding fruits and vegetables will also provide bulk and help you eat feel satisfied.


Make Half Your Grains Whole. Try switching out refined grains for 100% whole grain options at least half of the time. Be brave and try brown rice, quinoa, whole wheat tortillas or bread!


Save Dessert for Special Occasions. Leave desserts for special occasions. Try replacing most desserts with fruit or a yogurt parfait. On the days that you want dessert, pick your favorite option and have only one serving.


Rethink Your Drink. Avoid drinking your calories. Choose water instead of sugary beverages. Save the sugary beverages for when you really want them.


Create Your Own. Don’t feel limited by the pre-made plates. Mix and match entrees and sides to create your own well-balanced meal. Ask the chefs for double vegetables if you want!


Eat and Go. While the dining hall is a great place to socialize, don’t linger too long. The longer you stay to more tempted you will be to keep eating.

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Blue is the New Green


BYU Dining Services is a leader in collegiate recycling. Less waste goes to landfills from BYU Dining Services than any other school with a dining program the size of BYU’s.


Fifteen years ago, BYU Dining Services and Hobart Corporation joined forces. They installed Hobart food waste pulpers in the Wilkinson Student Center, the Cannon Center, the Morris Center and MTC to aid in recycling. This created a comprehensive system that reclaims food waste and turns it into fertilizer. This fertilizer is what is used on BYU campus. This recycling program prevents massive food waste while saving the University more than $50,000 annually!


As part of Cannon Commons’ efforts to support the University’s sustainability initiative, Dining Services has created the “green box” program. The green box is reusable, and the program has been created to help residents of Helaman Halls when they need a to-go meal from the Cannon Commons. When you can’t stay and dine in the Commons, simply ask the cashier to explain how the process works so you can get your first box. The next time you need to take food out, just bring the green box back and we will exchange it for a clean one for you to use. All we ask is that at the end of your Helaman Halls experience, you simply return the green box you received.

 Rounded Rectangle: Less waste goes to landfills from BYU Dining Services than any other school with a dining program the size of BYU’s.

To find out more information on BYU recycling, please visit the following links:


Grounds Maintenance Recycling (a short explanation of BYU recycling efforts)


BYU Recycling Movie (4 minute movie on BYU recycling)


BYU Dining Services is committed to sustainability and the planet.


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