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Fast Food Alternatives

You may have seen the documentary “Fast Food Nation” and are now convinced to never eat at a fast food restaurant again. However, most people would probably admit to eating fast food at least once in the last month. We know they’re unhealthy, so why do we continue to go there? Because if there’s one thing that nearly every American is short on, it’s time. And fast food is just that—fast. However, fast food restaurants are not necessarily the fat factories they once were. Some fast food places are making it much easier to eat healthy, even when you only have time to go through the drive-through. Wendy’s, McDonalds and Burger King offer a variety of salads and healthy sides. Wendy’s has switched over to a healthier cooking oil in which to cook their fries. McDonalds offers the adult happy meals with healthy alternatives to fries and a burger and their kids meals give you more healthy choices for your children. In addition, there are several healthy places, like Jamba Juice and Subway, that are just as fast as hamburger joints. Basically, there are no more good excuses to not eat healthy, so next time you need a quick fix, try one of the healthy alternatives that fast food restaurants have to offer.