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Non-Profit Fundraising Opportunities

As a Non-Profit Organization, your group will be able to operate a stand during events and be paid from 12-15% of your net sales for the night. Groups work football games, Stadium of Fire, men's basketball games and other miscellaneous events throughout the year. We currently have groups that have been working concessions for over 16 years.

So how does it work?

Your group will be asked to commit to working Stadium of Fire, all Football events, and a minimum of once a month October through March at the Marriott Center.

Three days prior to the event, you will provide a list of group members who will be working concessions. Only group members whose names appear on the check-in list will be admitted due to security reasons.

Group members must check-in at the designated "Group Check-in" location. Groups should stagger their members in during the preparation. (For example, one-two people are required to come for inventory of items at designated times, a few members will come later to help with set-up, another member will come to prepare the money, and the remainder of the group should come just prior to stand opening time and as needed during event load-in.) No group members will be admitted after the event has started.

Your group will count, maintain, and reconcile money with inventory sold in your stand(s) at the event. At each event you will need to provide at least two people with "food handler's cards" from the Utah County Health Department. As a leader, you are responsible to insure your group complies with health standards.

Groups will clean the stand and the equipment following each event.

Groups are expected to observe the University Honor Code and wear proper uniform. Aprons will be provided. Visors and/or hats are checked out to the group, one time, for all events you work. If you forget your hats or need more you can buy additional ones. Any person not in full, proper uniform will not be admitted to the event.

As a leader in your group, you will have the biggest impact on your group and how productive their stand is. Your influence will greatly determine the smoothness of the event in your stand. We require every group to provide consistency in group leaders. A group cannot be successful if they change group leaders each event.

BYU Concessions will:

  • Provide you with a customer base, the food, and the supplies you will need to run a successful concession stand.

  • Provide supervision to help ensure your success.

  • Issue a monthly check to the group address provided.

  • Coordinate scheduling.
Thank you for your interest in being a BYU Concessions Non-Profit Organization. We look forward to serving the public with you as our partners.

For more information, please contact Nancy Simonsen at or 801-422-2316.