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2006 Wells & Myrle Cloward Exemplary Dining Services Student Award

“Dependability, initiative, personality, and leadership” best define this year’s Student Award recipient. But along with this would be included the descriptives: calming, quiet, brave, and kind. The student manager ratio is more than 40 to 1 in BYU Dining Services. This means, of course, that a lot of weight of the operation is placed on our student employees. It also allows many student employees opportunities for leadership. So, when one rises to being acknowledged as one of the “best of the best” it is truly an honor. These individuals regularly demonstrate their exemplary leadership skills. Rising through the ranks to the role of student manager this year’s recipient truly raised the bar by realizing their full potential.

This person was responsible for designing and implementing a sales velocity motivational contest for Dining Services employees - a contest that was highly successful, thanks to this individuals personal commitment to our department. In fact, many of the areas set all-time sales records as a result of this employee’s passion for excellence. This person also rewrote our student employee evaluation forms to make them more meaningful and help in providing timely and accurate feedback to our operation.

This individual also designed a self-inspection form that our restaurants use to help us comply with the Utah County health codes. His initiative and drive is evident in all he does and in the positive effect he has with all the people he works with.

When our department was looking for a sharp, innovative person to help implement the Eatec food management software system all of the Associate Director and General Managers were invited to submit their recommendations. Three of the Director’s Council members each independently submitted this individual’s name. The other two members of the council quickly agreed.

This person’s demonstrated maturity and leadership skills enabled the Eatec team to make steady progress. Always willing to accept project management assignments this individual again showed his innovation by helping develop a training program for the new system.

Not only is this individual successful at work but he is also achieving academic excellence. Like all of this year’s nominees his GPA entitles him to receive this award. A GPA he has been able to maintain while carrying 19 credit hours and helping his wife raise their son. Busy in home, church, school, and work Fred Pena is an example to us all.

This year's recipient is...Fred Pena, Eatec Team Member!

Fred Pena & Family

Fred Pena & Family

2006 Wells & Myrle Cloward Exemplary Dining Services Full-Time Award

This years selection process was by far the most difficult I have been part of in the ten years it has been my privilege to be on the selection committee. In the past - secretaries, chefs, managers, and Associate Directors, have all been recognized. The 2006 Wells and Myrle Cloward exemplary employee recipient was nominated with the statement, “I don’t think there is another person on this campus with the commitment to the University that this individual has.”

Our award recipient has been described as the “glue which keeps the department together”. Facing the many challenges BYU Dining Services has had this past year with the downsizing of our full-time staff and the announced closing of the Morris Center this individual has exemplified the positive outlook that all of us are striving for.

This person is one of the most dependable workers in our department. This individual’s co-workers have been known to ask, “Is this person ever sick?” As of today our recipient has accrued over 245 days of sick leave – only three other individuals have been able to accrue more sick time than this and each of them have had the benefit of more year’s of service.

Responsibility comes like second nature to this individual - who always ensures that things are done and done correctly. Time, like sick leave is a true stranger to our recipient. It doesn’t matter how long this individual needs to stay at work to be certain that everything is completed on time and meets the high quality standards of BYU Dining Services.

Recognizing that BYU has one of the highest numbers of student employees training and development are traits which define the core values of our awardee. Student employees have described her as simply, “The best trainer I have ever had.” “If she were a faculty member I know I would be motivated and instructed to get straight “A’s”.

Her manager has stated, “Her workers are among the best trained in our operation, they can step up and do anything”.

As stated earlier BYU Dining Services is in the midst of change. From the implementation of our Eatec menu management program to the shuffling of staff it truly takes a committed individual who has vision and foresight to “step-up” and rally co-workers to do there best. As an entire department we honor today not just an individual, but what this individual stands for, representing all of our great full-time employees who cheerfully come to work each day to prepare nourishment for our guests.

It is with great pleasure that I announce Helen Moore as this year’s recipient of the Wells and Mryle Cloward Exemplary Dining Services Award.  

Helen Moore & Members of the Cloward Family

Helen Moore & Members of the Cloward Family

More Photos of the Event

Cloward Awards 2006

Dining at the Awards Ceremony

Dean Wright

Dean Wright Presenting
2006 Cloward Awards
Cloward Awards 2006

Viewing the Presentation of the 2006 Cloward Awards

Dean Wright Presents Helen Moore With Her Award

Dean Wright & Helen Moore

Faculty Fellowship

By now you have all heard about the Big Hairy Audacious Goal of converting 25 positions from administrative units into faculty positions within the next five years. I am pleased to announce that the first position has been approved for a Faculty Fellowship. The recent retirement of a BYU Dining Services professional employee has provided that department the opportunity to make this position available, with appropriate funding. Dining Services has offered this position to the Academic Vice President with the unconditional commitment that he should allocate this position “wherever it is needed most.”

Two weeks ago, the President’s Council accepted the Dining Services recommendation that the Fellowship be named for the founders of BYU Dining Services, Wells and Myrle Cloward. In 1952, the Clowards were hired by Vice President Ben E. Lewis to establish a University food service program. Having operated a successful restaurant, the Clowards were well prepared to set the foundation of what would become the third largest collegiate dining program in the United States. Beginning with a small cafeteria in the basement of the original Joseph Smith Building, the Clowards designed and oversaw construction of the Cannon Cafeteria, Morris Cafeteria, Cougareat, Skyroom, Vending Services, Catering and Concessions.

Assigned the additional responsibilities of the Dairy Products Laboratory in the 1950s, the Clowards developed the Creamery brand of award winning ice cream. For over thirty years, the Clowards guided BYU Dining, employing a large number of University students. During their tenure, the department experienced continuous physical and financial growth. The Clowards always ensured that the department operated with the highest ethical standards.

During their leadership, the Clowards received the highest recognition from the Utah Restaurant Association, the National Restaurant Association, and the National Association and College & University Food Services (NACUFS). In 1983, Wells Cloward was honored with the Theodore W. Minah Award, which recognized his outstanding contribution to the food service industry.

It is my great privilege to recognize the contribution of the Clowards and to congratulate the people of Dining Services for their generous contribution, which will greatly further the academic mission of Brigham Young University. In that spirit, I formally announce the establishment of the Wells and Myrle Cloward Faculty Fellowship, sponsored by BYU Dining Services.

- Brian Evans

Wells and Myrle Cloward

Wells & Myrle Cloward

Brian Evans

Brian Evans

2006 Employee Recognition Award Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 2006 BYU DIning Services Employee Recognition Awards!
Employee Recognition Award Winners 2006

BYU Dining Services Employee Recognition Awards 2006