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2005 Wells & Myrle Cloward Exemplary Dining Services Student Award

BYU Dining Services bestows its highest recognition on a full time and a student employee every year.  This recognition, known as the Wells and Myrle Cloward Exemplary Dining Services Award, is given in the name of the founders of BYU Dinning Services.  In 1952, Wells and Myrle Cloward came to BYU and started what has become one of the leading collegiate dining programs in North America.

Individuals are nominated by their peers for this award and the recepient is chosen by a selection committee which includes the Assistant Administrative Vice President-Student Auxiliary Services, the Director of Dining Services, and the children of Wells and Myrle Cloward. 

In 2005, there were ten nominees for the Student Employee Award and seven nominees for the Full-time Employee Award.  All the nominees showed outstanding performance as employees of BYU Dining Services and demonstrated the highest qualities in their personal traits and commitment to BYU.

The recipients for the 2005 Wells and Myrle Cloward Exemplary Dining Services Awards are:

Lynne Hansen – Full-time Employee General Manager Catering and Restaurants
Jeff Tolsma – Student Employee Courgareat Student Manager and Training Manager

Lynne Hansen

Lynne Hansen
Full-time Employee
Jeff Tolsma

Jeff Tolsma (standing with his mother)
Student Employee

More Photos of the Event

Cloward Awards 2005

Dining at the Awards Ceremony

Jeff Tolsma

Dean Wright Presenting
2005 Cloward Awards
Cloward Awards 2005

Viewing the Presentation of the 2005 Cloward Awards

Jeff Tolsma

Lynne Hansen and Cloward Family Members