Official BYU Catering and Food Distribution Policy


Brigham Young University strives to ensure that food at university events is prepared and served using safe food-handling practices and according to applicable health laws and regulations.


Public Events

All university events that are open to the general public, that are open to the general student body or the campus community, or for which anyone may purchase a ticket to attend are considered public events under applicable state and local health laws.


Public events include:

  • Women's Conference events
  • Education Week events
  • Athletic events
  • Wellness events
  • Student Life events
  • Any event sponsored by a university college, department, division, club, or academic association to which the general public, the general student body, and/or the general campus community is invited.

All public events that serve or offer food require a permit issued by the Utah County Health Department. All food at public events must be purchased from BYU Dining Services or from an approved off-campus caterer. BYU Dining Services holds annual permits to serve food on campus. All university units that organize or sponsor public events not using BYU Dining Services must coordinate health permits directly with the Utah County Health Department. As applicable, BYU Dining Services may coordinate jointly with university units and approved off-campus caterers. BYU Dining Services may charge administrative fees to cover the cost for use of BYU Dining Services facilities, equipment, supplies, or personnel.


Private Events

University events that are not open to the public, that limit participants to a predetermined group of people, or that are organized and restricted to a particular university unit are private events for which permits are not required.


Private events include:

  • College, department, division, club, or academic association lunches, meetings, or parties
  • Events limited to invited guests, or for which an RSVP is required
  • Retirement parties.

In order to ensure that food at private events is prepared and served using safe food-handling practices, all food at private events must be purchased from BYU Dining Services or from an approved off-campus caterer. Any questions regarding public or private events should be directed to BYU Dining Services.


Exempt Events

Private university events that involve fewer than twenty people are exempt from this policy.

University units must follow the requirements of the negotiated university beverage contract at all events, including at exempt events.


Approved Off-Campus Caterers

BYU Dining Services is the preferred provider of food and beverages for the campus community. However, university units may use approved off-campus caterers, for both public and private events, provided that the university units and the approved off-campus caterers follow the requirements described in this policy. Approved off-campus caterers may not provide beverages to university units in violation of the negotiated university beverage contract.


The university oversees all off-campus food caterers and vendors desiring to do business with the university, including outside caterers, activity promoters, fund-raising organizations, and groups or individuals associated with for-profit or nonprofit causes.


BYU Dining Services maintains on its Web site a list of approved off-campus caterers. Approved off-campus caterers have demonstrated to the university that they have the necessary business licenses, permits, health inspection reports, and insurance to protect the health of members of BYU s campus community. The process for approving off-campus caterers is free and is outlined in the implementing procedures to this policy. The university reserves the right to approve or reject any application or renewal by an off-campus food caterer.


Approved off-campus caterers may not use BYU Dining Services facilities, equipment, supplies, or personnel unless they have received prior approval from BYU Dining Services and paid the applicable fees. Approved off-campus caterers providing services to university units are responsible for all staffing, equipment, small wares (including serving utensils, thermoses, bowls, and linens) and proper food storage, preparation, and holding. In addition, approved off-campus caterers are also responsible for all applicable health permits, including temporary food permits.


Off-campus groups using university facilities must use BYU Dining Services or BYU Catering for all of their food service. University-affiliated ecclesiastical units with campus scheduling privileges are not required to follow this policy for their private events; however, they may not use BYU Dining Services facilities, equipment, supplies, or personnel unless they have received prior approval from BYU Dining Services and paid the applicable fees.



This policy applies to all university units.

Current List of Approved Caterers:

Restaurant Phone Catering/Event Coordinator
Apple Spice Junction 801-224-4666 Craig Reaveley
Aubergine and Company 954-850-6156 Julia Lawlor
Blackjack Pizza 801-812-2121 Christy Tanner
Burgers Supreme 801-373-5713 Richard Nuttall
Café Rio 800-223-3746 Stephanie Hoover
Café Zupas 385-214-6160 Jeremy Biggs
Chip Cookies 661-414-4507 Stephen Wirthlin
Clarion Event Center 801-465-0380 Rebecca Carter
Communal 801-372-0427 Colton Soelberg
Copper Grill Catering 801-375-1115 Sadie Opfar
Costa Vida / Fat Cats 801-373-1876 Manager On Duty
Culinary Crafts 801-225-6575 Anne Danner
Domino's 801-418-1100 Manager
Einsteins 602-677-2066 Brianna Schmaltz
Fatty Tuna 801-899-5075 Marc
Firehouse Subs 801-705-8500 Will Page
Galilee Grill 801-368-9739 Ehab Abunuwara
Goodwood Barbecue Company 801-859-4187 Jenny McAffee
J Dawgs 801-373-3294 Tom Nielson
Jimmy John’s 801-871-5646 Lori Adams
King Kebab 801-822-6278 James Young
Kneaders 801-812-2200 Tyceson Low
Kona Ice Mobile Shave Ice Truck 801-228-0058 Annya Becerra
Landmark Catering 801-368-7296 Elaine Porter
Lucy’s Brazilian Kitchen 201-874-3483 Scott Wyssling
Magleby's Catering 801-610-4110 Keri Lostetter
Marvellous Catering 801-374-0879 Jed Marvell
O'Falafel, Etc. 801-487-7747 Mustafa S. Khader
Papa John's Pizza 801-427-5087 Jim Adams
Pizza Factory 801-812-0487 Blaine Jex
Pizza Pie Café 801-373-5561 Dennis Jordan
San Diablo Artisan Churros 801-432-0880 Scott Porter
Wallaby's Smokehouse 801-785-4447 Jeff McFadden
Which Wich 801-224-9424 Cory Judd
Yummy’s BBQ and Sushi 801-602-3525 Sun Choi
Zubs Pizza and Subs 801-377-3994/td> Rena Peacock


Why do I need to use a BYU-Approved Caterer?

BYU has a responsibility to manage risk of all activities which take place on campus. Accordingly, the university has determined that the approved caterers meet University standards for liability and other insurance, business license, health department certification and have had regular Utah County Health inspections. It is anticipated that meeting these criteria will safeguard University students, faculty and staff, administration, and guests.


When do I need to use a BYU-Approved Caterer?

Any function where food is offered on campus or purchased with University funds must be through a BYU-Approved Caterer. The only exception is for small functions (less than twenty persons) such as office meetings.


Do I need to use a BYU-Approved Caterer if I’m only ordering pizza for my office?

Office meetings of less than 20 people are exempt from this policy.


What is the University’s Beverage Contract?

The University has contracted with the Coca-Cola Company for exclusive beverage representation on campus which benefits from this contract financially. The contract requires the University to only offer approved Coca-Cola products, stating that, "only Coca Cola Beverages will be sold, distributed, sampled, or otherwise made available on Campus”. All University units and departments are required to abide by this contract whether purchasing beverages through an approved caterer or providing their own beverages for on-campus functions. Beverages for individual consumption are not covered by this contractual agreement. View our Department Water Pricing here


Will the BYU-Approved Caterer know to follow the Beverage Contract?

Yes. Part of their agreement is to abide by the University’s Beverage Contract. The University asks for your support in notifying BYU Purchasing (801-422-7006) of any issue of non-compliance.


What if I want to use a caterer not on the approved list?

Caterers may be added to the list after appropriate due diligence. To initiate the process please contact, BYU Risk Management at (801) 422-4468. Download the “REQUEST TO QUALIFY-APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS” document here. Please plan for at least two weeks for the approval process after BYU receives all required documents from the interested vendor.

BYU Dining Services Fee Schedule for Public Events*


If applicable, BYU Dining Services acts as the intermediary with the Utah County Health Department at the request of University Administration.